Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.
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Teoria / Theory by Eduardo T. Basualdo

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The Illustrations of Erika Steiskal

Erika Steiskal grew up in Canfield, Ohio. She studied illustration at the Columbus College of Art and Design (BFA, 2006) and at the Illustration Academy in Sarasota. Over the next three years, she worked as a concept artist for Root Learning, a business consulting firm in Toledo, Ohio.


Oh, the irony.


Awesome aerial photos of Iceland by Sarah Martinet

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French photographer Sarah Martinet recently took an excursion from her usual wedding and portrait work to shoot this fantastic series of aerial landscapes of Iceland. Capturing the Nordic country’s beautiful, lush hills and valleys was no easy task. Sarah hung herself out the side of an open airplane to get these unobstructed shots of the Icelandic countryside. Every mountain peak, rushing waterfall, and flowing waterway is able to be seen all at once in each terrific shot thanks to the hard to get angles. She has much more of her work from Iceland, including many she shot on the ground which allowed to get some great intimate shots of an Iceland viking village


Gres House. Luciano Kruk. Itauna. Brasil. under construction.

My face is wasted on my body 

And my talent is wasted on my mind


Solongo Monkhooroi

I was born and grew up in Mongolia. After receiving my BFA in Mongolian Traditional Painting, I moved to Atlanta to pursue illustration and received my MFA in Illustration from SCAD Atlanta. My illustrations are unique and whimsical, inspired by folk tales, myths and imaginations with my style that is influenced by both Mongolian and Western culture. I have been working as a freelance illustrator over 10 years  illustrating for editorials, advertising, children’s books, postcards and textile designs.

I am comfortable working with variety of mediums such as acrylics, color pencils, watercolors, ink and gouache and digital media. My illustrations have been featured in professional shows for both Society of Illustrators Los Angeles and New York, Illustration annuals from 3 x 3 Magazine, Society of Illustrators NY, Spectrum 18. I also enjoy showcasing my illustrations and painting in various galleries throughout the US. I live and freelance from my little home studio in Atlanta, Georgia.


Eventually, we will all suffer from our actions if we continue to do nothing about them. Humans have a natural role in the environment just as all other living things do. However, unlike other species we have a malignant habit of exploiting resources until they are fully exhausted. Those who believe human beings are superior to all other living things might argue that the resources are ours to take; that as humans, we have the ultimate right to capitalize on whatever is put upon the earth. I find this superiority mentality to be ignorant and narcissistic. We are made of the same material that all other substances on this earth are made from. We require the supplements that only the earth provides; the same things that nurture all life forms. We are equal to animals and plants in the sense that we have a common goal to survive, and linked because we all have roles to play in the environment. Life was here long before we were, and we have no right to believe it is expendable solely to man-kind.

Excerpt from an environmental conservation paper I wrote my first year of college. This is the paper that really turned me on to environmentalism and towards lessening my impact on the world. 

I also try to spread awareness of environmental issues through my artwork in hopes that one day the world’s apathy towards nature will turn into global appreciation and conservation. 

Never any love for GOT at these stupid awards shows. 

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